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Tulsa Recreational Lacrosse League

We constantly get questions about what equipment new players need. Below are basic recommendations and locations you can purchase them from. Please do no feel obligated to purchase from these links, they are provided as a convenience only. The important thing is don’t spend too money on lacrosse until you know your player is going to stick with it. And when you are ready to graduate to better equipment, please pay it forward and donate any equipment you no long want to either our program or your spring lacrosse team. I guarantee somebody will be very grateful to get it!!

The Beginner Player (K/4th Grade)

Don’t spend a lot on a stick!!  For this age group, you will be loosening the strings to create a modified pocket so the $30 “beginner” sticks are all you need.  You definitely do not want a stick that has anything but a twine on the two middle strings, know as the “runner”.

This is a great complete kit for the 3rd/4th grader. The goggles should last a couple of years and the stick will be great until you get to 5th grade and are ready to graduate to a stick with a runner.  You can usually find these at Dick’s Sporting Goods as well.

Click to find on Amazon:

STX Lacrosse Exult 200 Starter Pack

If you elect to purchase a separate stick, this is a economical choice for a K/4th grader that is strung completely with cord, making it easy to add the modified pocket, which this age will play with to make learning to catch easier.

STX Lilly Girls’ Lacrosse Stick

For the younger player, grades K-8th, there are only a couple of choices for goggles. You also have the option to wear a helmet instead which I recommend if a player has any history of head injury or wears glasses.

STX Lacrosse Youth 4Sight Goggle

There are only two legal helmets at this time and I recommend the one made by Cascade because they have been in the lacrosse helmet business for the longest. If you wear the helmet, you don’t need the goggles. The helmet is soft, unlike the hard shell helmet worn in the boys game or the goalies in the girls game. This is important so as not to risk other players that are not wearing helmets, since it is optional for girls.

Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear

The Beginner Player (5th/8th Grade)

For this age, you will purchase the same type of goggle or helmet as the K/4th grader. The difference will be in the type of stick to purchase. At this age, we want to introduce the “runner” in the head. The “runner” are the two vertical strings that help guide the ball into the pocket and accuracy and power to the throw. The runner can be made of cord, leather or plastic strips. Cheaper sticks will come with cord in the runner position but cord tends to stretch and is slick which can slow down the progress of a new player. My recommendation for a new player 5th grade and up is to purchase a mid-range stick with flat twine or leather runners and use this for at least a season. Then keep this stick as your backup stick and invest in a high quality stick that should last several years.

Maverik Lacrosse Female’s Heist Complete Stick

Maverik Lacrosse Twist Complete Stick

For a player who has played for at least one season, it is often beneficial to take a trip to Dallas and visit one of the shops there where they can try some of the more advance sticks for a good fit. Please remember, everybody is different and no stick is going to be perfect for everybody. I’ve had excellent luck from TeamLax in Frisco if you want somebody to help you find that perfect stick. But I wouldn’t do this until you have played for a little bit and know what it should feel like to catch and throw and are ready to invest in that higher end stick.

For the experienced player, 5th grade and up, you are best served by investing in a high quality stick with a 10 degree or higher tilt to help with scooping ground balls. While you should try several sticks to find the one that fits you best, the one I recommend most is the STX Crux 600. It is a solid stick and will last many years if cared for properly!