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Tulsa Recreational Lacrosse League

Here we answer the most common questions about girls lacrosse, Tulsa area lacrosse and StormChaser Lacrosse.  If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

What is the difference for between fall recreational lacrosse, spring lacrosse and travel lacrosse.

Fall recreational lacrosse is very relaxed, with a shorter season and no travel.  It is a great way to try lacrosse to see if you like it without a long term commitment or spending a lot of money.  Spring lacrosse is generally played through your school or local club.

Where can I play spring lacrosse.

For 3rd-8th grade, the following youth clubs exist in the Tulsa area:  Jenks, Owasso, Jr. Comets, and Bixby.  Tulsa Bulldogs has been formed for any players in the Tulsa area in grades 5th-8th that do not belong to one of those districts.  Other schools including Union and Metro Christian Academy have contacted us inquiring about starting a youth program.

Currently there are five high school teams in the Tulsa area: Comets, Jenks, Owasso, Union and Tulsa Bulldogs.  This spring Bixby is launching their high school team.  You must attend school at Bishop Kelley to play for the Comets, you must attend school at Jenks to play for Jenks.  You must live in the Owasso, Union and Bixby school districts to play for their teams.  All other high school players must play for Tulsa Bulldogs.

Anyone interested in starting either a youth or high school team at their school, please contact Tracy Isbell at and she will help you get started and put you in contact with the appropriate league.

What is competitive (travel) lacrosse?

Competitive lacrosse is traditionally played during the summer and fall seasons.  Currently there is one competitive club in Tulsa called Red Dirt Lacrosse.  There are several clubs in Kansas City and Dallas that also provide opportunities for players looking to challenge themselves.  Competitive lacrosse teams travel to tournaments and play at a higher level.  Coaches for competitive are paid and the cost is considerably higher than recreational lacrosse.  Competitive lacrosse is for those players who are serious about lacrosse and is not necessarily for everybody.  It can be a huge time and money commitment.  Players do not have to play competitive to be successful at lacrosse or to eventually progress to play college lacrosse.

As a parent, how can I get involved?

Yes!  We need volunteer parents to help coach teams and to act as team parents.  Especially if you start when your daughter is very young, the teams are small so its much easier to learn the game as you learn how to coach it.  You do not need prior experience or need to know how to play lacrosse to start coaching.  We offer lacrosse classes and will pair you up with experienced coaches whenever possible to help you get over the initial learning curve.

As a team parent, you can help the coaches by taking some of the administration of the team off of their shoulders and spreading out some of the work.

And if you want to earn money and be involved, we are constantly looking to train and certify officials.  Officials pay start at $30 for a 3rd/4th grade game and progresses up to $85 a game for high school.  Its a great way to stay in shape and help grow the sport.  If you want more information on becoming an official, contact Tracy Isbell at